10 Singers/Music Based Would You Rathers

Time to answer the age old question, would you eat a four seasons pizza, or would u rather listen Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?

Would You Rather is the best game there’s. Musicians are the best people. It’s possible for you to see that which we’ve done.

So, answer these muso predicaments that are excruciating and see how many of your musical compadr├ęs side with you, or if you’re a complete weirdo outcast.

  1. Would you rather listen to Nicki Minaj for 24 hours or Justin Bieber for 24 hours?
  2. Would you have the capacity to bring your favourite singer back to life or rather be a well-known singer?
  3. Would you rather be famous because you are great at singing but because you seem pretty/attractive, you do not look pretty/attractive or be famous but you are terrible at singing?
  4. Would you rather run around while headbanging and leaping like crazy in front of twerk or public in front of public?
  5. Would you join a group that is lousy but quite renowned or rather join an astounding but quite underrated band?
  6. Would you rather be a Belieber or an Nicki Minaj fan?
  7. Would you listen to music for 1 year or never eat a raw worm/slug/snail?
  8. Would you rather like a genre everyone hates or despise a genre everyone enjoys?
  9. Would you rather hear your favorite musician sing your least favourite musicians or your least favorite song sing your favorite song?
  10. Would you rather watch Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda music video or stare at a creepy Cannibal Corpse album cover for 5 minutes?